Gas Management System

The GMS 1000 is a central hub for managing different gas and facility devices. The input signals from a variety of sensors is received and interpreted by the CPU and preprogrammed actions are undertaken.

These responses vary from displaying information on parameter deviations; to selective valve actuation and warning messages; to complete shutdown with visual and audible alarms.

The unit also includes a service mode feature which allows operators with administrator privileges to set the system as to facilitate maintenance on one or more devices without disabling the others.

GMS 1000 Features:

Available inputs:

  • Standard
    • Excess gas flow switches
    • Toxic gas monitors
    • Flame detectors
    • Gas effluent handling system (Scrubber)
    • EMO (emergency off switch)
    • Exhaust flow sensor/switch
  • Optional
    • Gas line temperatures
    • Video signal


  • LED tower light
  • Emergency audible alarm
  • Main gas cylinder valve actuation
  • On screen color coded warnings
  • On screen warning messages
  • Summary of alarm log

Technical Data:

  • 12” TFT Color LCD Touch Screen Interface
  • Nema 12 Steel Enclosure
  • Customizable HMI
  • Multi-level login feature
  • Email warning capability
  • Service mode

GMS 1000 Video

GMS 1000 Dimetric