R&D Single and Dual Chambers

Single and dual chamber systems are low cost options for R&D work on semiconductor fabrication and materials science applications. Our systems have a small footprint, are simple to operate and are available for a variety of processes as described below.

Vacuum: High vacuum (HV) or Ultra-high vacuum capability (UHV available with load lock option only)

Substrate size: 10cmx10cm, 15.6cmx15.6cm and 30cmx40cm


  • PECVD: RF, VHF and pulsed (modulated) RF plasma
  • HWCVD (heated or cooled substrate holder)
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) (up to Ø200mm or 15.6cmx15.6cm)
  • Sputtering (ITO, AZO, ZnON, metals, etc) with oscillation
  • RIE
  • Load-lock (optional)


  • Manual
  • Computer controlled with easy to use HMI and data logging

Systems guarantees are defined in the contract and include*:

  • Base pressure on each chamber
  • Temperature calibration
  • Uniformity and properties for each material defined in the contract
  • Functionality of all systems

*These are demonstrated during the Factory (or First) acceptance test (FAT) and Site (or second) Acceptance Tests (SAT)